The Foundation

The Wolf Kahn Foundation is dedicated to preserving and promoting the artistic achievements of Wolf Kahn (1927-2020) and to sharing them with audiences, scholars, and other artists towards a greater understanding of his work and his lasting contribution to American art of the Second Generation New York School.

Through its grants program and other initiatives, the Foundation supports artists and arts organizations that educate youth and the broader public and that advance artists’ careers through exhibitions, publications, and residencies.

The Wolf Kahn Foundation grew out of the Wolf Kahn | Emily Mason Foundation, which was founded in 2000 by both artists, who were married for 62 years. In 2019, Emily Mason (1932-2019) created the Emily Mason | Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation to spearhead the stewardship of her artistic legacy alongside that of her mother, Alice Trumbull Mason (1904-1971) and embark on a philanthropic program dedicated to advancing opportunities for traditionally underrepresented artists.

The Wolf Kahn Foundation is driven by a spirit of generosity, transparency, and inclusivity, as inspired by Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason. It seeks to reflect his qualities of observation, experimentation, and respect for the work of other artists, made evident through his work and the environments he and his wife created and nurtured. The Foundation’s philanthropy continues his life-long commitment to fellow artists, the environment and its effect on creative work, and to the vitality of arts and educational organizations that advance the arts, arts education, and visual artists.

Together the Wolf Kahn Foundation and the Emily Mason | Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation preserve the visions of the three artists from one family through exhibitions, publications, research, archives, and philanthropy.

The Wolf Kahn Foundation does not authenticate works of art at this time.

Wolf Kahn’s paintings and pastels continue to be presented and sold through an exclusive agreement with Miles McEnery Gallery. Sales underwrite the activities of the Foundation.

Photograph by Miles McEnery Gallery


The Wolf Kahn Foundation’s strategic plan pursues and continually reviews these goals.


  • Preserve and care for artwork created by Wolf Kahn and owned by the Foundation.
  • Present, recast, and contextualize Wolf Kahn’s work for audiences, art historians, scholars and other artists.
  • Develop new audiences and collectors who appreciate Wolf Kahn’s achievements.
  • Launch a Catalogue Raisonné Project.
  • Develop a robust and comprehensive online presence for Wolf Kahn’s artistic achievements and biography.
  • Create an archive of materials related to Wolf Kahn’s legacy make it accessible to artists, scholars, and students.


  • Continue philanthropy to arts and education organizations that reflect Wolf Kahn’s values.


  • Build the Board to include the attributes necessary to carry out the mission and goals.
  • Establish a well-managed, forward-looking, nimble organization, which stewards the Foundation’s resources wisely to meet its goals.